17 Jun 2024

Open Air Cinema: Five Shillings Nylon

An open air screening at the courtyard of the Pieridis museum of a Cypriot period film that features a directive approach that is reminiscent of classic cinema films.

2024, Drama, 117'

Directed by: Christos Siopachas

Language: Greek with English subtitles

Synopsis: Cyprus, 1940s. An outlaw and hunted couple arrives at an isolated mill. The man leaves the upset woman in the hands of the miller and moves on. As the young woman is cared for by the miller, love and affection grows between them. Their tranquility is violently disturbed when her husband and those who pursue them appear at the mill.

The screenings are followed by a 15-minute discussion.

Screenings start at 8:30pm

Free Entrance

Entry to persons under 18 is not permitted.

Venue: Pieridis Museum

4 Zenonos Kitieos, 6023 Larnaca

Note: The Larnaca Cinema Society does not make seat reservations and attendees are not allowed to reserve chairs for people who have not yet arrived at the venue.

Larnaka Cinema Society contact number: 99434793

The event is organized with the financial support of the Deputy Ministry of Culture


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