09 Dec 2024


A compelling film about life and loss, that won the Universal Jury Prize at the Berlin Film Festival.

2023, Drama, 95'

Directed by: Lila Aviles

Language: Spanish, English with Greek subtitles

Synopsis: Seven-year-old Sol spends the day at her grandfather's home, helping with the preparations for a surprise party for her father. Throughout the day, chaos slowly takes over, fracturing the family's foundations. Sol will embrace the essence of letting go as a release for existence.

The screenings are followed by a 15-minute discussion.

Screenings start at 8:30pm

Free Entrance

Entry to persons under 18 is not permitted.

Screening venue: Municipal Theatre of Larnaka

(at the Municipal Garden of Larnaka)

Note: The Larnaca Cinema Society does not make seat reservations and attendees are not allowed to reserve chairs for people who have not yet arrived at the venue.

Larnaka Cinema Society contact number: 99434793

The event is organize


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