23 Nov 2022

Postmodernism and New Hollywood

The previously anonymous mass public is claiming and the European intelligentsia is in crisis. The postmodernism movement marked the leveling of the barriers between "high" and "low" art, but also all the separation and distinction that the once limited communication of the public with the work, or the public with the rest of the public, imposed on transmitters and receivers . And thus came the intersection between Old and New Hollywood. In postmodern cinema the hermeneutic acuity of grand narratives is challenged and the technical reproducibility of art composes a world of constant undoing and rewriting. Bauhaus settled on our furniture and coffee machines and the Bible in the mouth of Jules from Pulp Fiction, abused and incomprehensible. And what was initially called the right of the mass public - the violation of the temples of Art and Intellect - evolves into arbitrariness.

Speaker: Aphrodite Kairaki

Aphrodite Kairaki is a Film Studies Teacher. He has studied Philology at E.K.P.A. and has completed postgraduate studies at M.M.E. and in Cinema (Panteion University, E.K.P.A.). The field of scientific research of her doctoral thesis is cinema and literature. In 2022, her first essay entitled "Postmodernism and New Hollywood" was published by Aigokeros Publications. Her presentations and articles have been published in international conferences and journals. Her research interests include the history of the short film, film adaptations of literary works, cinematic representations of gender, and the depiction of the postmodern in cinema.

The presentation will be broadcasted live (in Greek) from the Cinema Society's Facebook page.

The audience will be able to ask questions during the live stream of the presentation.

The Cinema Talks series is an initiative by the Larnaca Cinema Society that aims to create a unique collection of presentations on topics related to world cinema.

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