30 Nov 2022

What is meta-cinema?

Cinema is dead. Long live cinema!

Cinema in the 20th century was both a popular popular spectacle and a modern art that was constantly evolving technologically and aesthetically. Whenever technology pressed its time, there was talk of the death of the cinema – the death of the silent cinema with the advent of the talkie, the death of the movie theater with the spread of television, the death of film with the initial rise of electronics . and today of the digital image.

Beyond the nostalgic lamentations but also the techno-futuristic triumphalisms, since cinema does not seem to be dying, we will ask ourselves critically what is (post-)cinema in our time?

For example, overlapping issues will be raised such as: the technological and aesthetic importance of CGI (Computer Generated Images) and VFX (Visual Effects), narrative changes with post-continuity editing and serial narratives), as well as and the cultural meanings of streaming services and the proliferation of screens in everyday life.

Speaker: Dr. Iulia Mermiga

Dr. Iulia Mermiga is a lecturer in Cinema and Cultural Studies at the Department of Digital Arts and Cinema and the Department of Communication and Mass Media of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. In addition, he is a scientific advisor and collaborator of the Film Library of Greece. He has directed experimental films on film and video, deals with performance art and is interested in the gaps between politics and aesthetics.

The presentation will be broadcasted live (in Greek) from the Cinema Society's Facebook page.

The audience will be able to ask questions during the live stream of the presentation.

The Cinema Talks series is an initiative by the Larnaca Cinema Society that aims to create a unique collection of presentations on topics related to world cinema.

With the support of the Deputy Ministry of Culture.


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