02 Nov 2022

Critique on Critique... in Cinema

Some of the topics that we will develop are:

- My story, my sin

-What does "criticize" mean?

- Can they all?

- What does "read a review" mean?

- Are critics influential anymore?

- What does criticism help (the viewers, the artists)?

- Awards and criticism

- Who/what should I believe?

- Critique through a "broken mirror"

- Critical look and criticism for criticism

Speaker: Nora Ralli

Nora Ralli is a journalist of "Efimeridas ton Syntakton" (daily, printed newspaper and on the website www.efsyn.gr). He is a Physicist, with a second degree in European Culture and a Masters in Social and Cultural Anthropology. She writes about political and artistic issues, while maintaining the only (now) vignette column in the Greek press. He covers all major film festivals and has organized (together with Dimitris Panagiotato, Adam Adamopoulos and Dora Sella) the film festival "EfSinema".

The presentation will be broadcasted live (in Greek) from the Cinema Society's Facebook page.

The audience will be able to ask questions during the live stream of the presentation.

The Cinema Talks series is an initiative by the Larnaca Cinema Society that aims to create a unique collection of presentations on topics related to world cinema.

With the support of the Deputy Ministry of Culture.


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