14 Dec 2019

Cypriot Filmmakers: Danae Stylianou

Danae Stylianou is a Cypriot documentary film director. He studied Film at the University of Westminster. Among others, he has directed 3 feature-length documentaries.

Her first documentary, Sharing an Island, dealt with the relations between Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot youth, and won 2 awards for its contribution to peace in Cyprus and the world. A Haircut Story was about the social consequences of the haircut imposed in Cyprus in 2013, while her most recent documentary, entitled Birth Days, deals with the experience of childbirth in the years of uncontrolled medical interventions.

Her work in general focuses on socio-political issues, which she records through an experiential look with the aim of social awakening, both locally and globally. The use of the camera is often done by herself and is a crucial part of the creative process.

Recently, he directed the short documentary Olga's Garden - a commentary on the uncontrolled construction of tall buildings and their influence on people and the environment. The film was made in collaboration with visual artist Maria Loizidou as part of her retrospective exhibition.

At this time, in collaboration with TEPAK and with funding from Erasmus+, he is preparing audio-visual material for Baby Buddy Forward, an open-access online educational platform for the "journey to parenthood", and for topics related to pregnancy, childbirth, baby care and parenting.

She is also in charge of communications for the three major film festivals in Cyprus - Cyprus Film Days, Cyprus International Short Film Festival and Limassol International Documentary Festival.


- Sharing an Island

- Haircut Story

- Birth Days

Vimeo Profile: vimeo.com/danaestylianou

Presentation: Michalis Kalopaidis

Special thanks to the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education & Culture, as well as the Youth Makerspace Larnaka for supporting the event.


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