07 Dec 2019

Nightmarish Trails on the Big Screen: The Genre of Film Noir

"Nightmare Trails on the Big Screen: The Genre of Film Noir" by Dr. Costas Konstantinidis.

The first part of the presentation on film noir will deal with the evolution of the specific film style using examples from Hollywood and World Cinema, while the second part will focus on recent manifestations of the stylistic and thematic repertoire of film noir, including Cypriot films production.

Kostas Konstantinidis holds a Masters and PhD from the University of Reading, UK (MA Film and Theater Studies, 2003 and PhD Film Studies, 2007) and a BA in English Studies from the University of Cyprus (2002). He is the author of From Film Adaptation to Post-celluloid Adaptation (Continuum, 2010/Bloomsbury, 2012) and co-editor of the collective volume Cypriot Cinemas: Memory, Conflict, and Identity in the Margins of Europe (Bloomsbury, 2014). He is a member of the European Film Academy.

Special thanks to the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education & Culture, as well as the Youth Makerspace Larnaka for supporting the event.


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