13 Dec 2021

The Impossible Masterpiece: Richard Williams and Yuri Norstein

In 1989, after thirty years of work on the film that would be his masterpiece, Richard Williams is forced to accept that he will never see it completed as he envisioned it. 8 years before this journey ended ingloriously, in 1981, Yuri Norstein began work on a film which today, 40 years later, remains unfinished. Two diametrically opposed animators, undisputed masters of their art, succumb to the temptation of the impossible. "The Thief and the Cobbler" by Williams and "The Coat" by Norstein are two unfinished masterpieces of animation art. This presentation explores their history and significance.

Speaker: Charalambos Margaritis

With the support of the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture.


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