09 Nov 2019

The pioneering Soviet cinema

"Th pioneering Soviet cinema" by Doros Dimitriou, Film Historian and Theoretician

Soviet cinema: one of the most important movements that influenced world cinema as little as possible. Great creators like Eisenstein, Dovzhenko and Vertov left a surprisingly indelible mark on the History of Cinema.

Doros Dimitriou was born in Nicosia. He is a film historian and theorist. He studied Electronic Engineering, Visual Theories and Cinema in London. He collaborates with various cultural institutions throughout Cyprus and teaches the history of cinema. He is curator of film activities at the Cultural Workshop of Saints Confessors and curator of events at Fotodos Photographic Society. He is also one of the artistic directors of the "Images and Aspects of Alternative Cinema" Festival. He is a member of CIFEJ (Centre International de Film pour l'enfance et La Jeunesse / International Center of Films for Children and Youth). He is the owner of the cultural space 'SYNEMA Xanthi 3' in Kaimakli.


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